Welcome the new bioStratica – and why 3 focus areas?

Jul 14, 2014

We are pleased to launch the new bioStratica website to showcase our focus and expertise.  You may have already seen bioStatica’s graphic (below) depicting a clinician and her intersection with biotechnology, healthcare informatics, and medicine.  One may think…why does bioStratica “focus” on these 3 segments: Biotechnology, Healthcare Informatics, and Medicine?  Pick one instead, right?

Physician researcher high res


Well, we “focus” on these three segments because our customers increasingly serve their customers accordingly.  Let’s take the smart infusion pump providers for example.  Below is an information flow schematic from Hospira of their smart infusion pump.  What do you see?  Go ahead, click the image for a larger view and take a few moments:

Hospira 3 focus integration


Now let’s put this example into the context of bioStratica’s 3 focus areas:


  • Infusion pump
  • Mobile device with custom attachment

Healthcare Informatics:

  • Interoperability with hospital’s electronic health record (EHR)
  • Computerized Physician order entry (CPOE)


  • Physician and nurse involvement optimization for both the pump and software interface
  • Pharmacist involvement optimization
  • Medical compliance for the 5 Rights of Medication Administration

Prior to founding bioStratica, this was one of many examples that I directly experienced.  In this case, I was a board member to Sculptor Developmental Technologies (a for-profit, wholly owned subsidiary of St. Clair Hospital) that developed the healthcare informatics solution.  As this company further integrated the Biotechnology and Medicine components of their solution, they attracted the attention of medical device companies.  After evaluating several suiters, Hospira acquired Sculptor in May 2008.

So this is a prime example of how we BUILD, GROW, and EXIT companies intersecting Biotechnology, Healthcare Informatics, and Medicine.

bioStratica has a growing team to do just this.  In our next post I’ll highlight how our diverse team is in fact, in focus.



Hospira Image

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